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Neocresce Product Information

Neocresce【Ester Oil】

Product Features

Neocresce is a saccharide fatty acid ester that exists in liquid form at room temperature. In addition to providing texture, it also improves the dispersion of pigments.
Currently, this product line contains only one product (Neocresce IPO, a new product which just entered the market in 2017); however, we plan to release more Neocresce products in the future.

Functions Applications
1) Excellent adhesion
2) Improving pigment dispersion
3) Thick film for cosmetics
4) Spreadability to the skin after application

All cosmetics
(Some examples)
  Skincare products(cream,oil serum)
  Lipstick and Rouge,Brush
  Foundation and Eye shadow


<How Neocresce IPO alters texture>
Neocresce IPO changes the feel of a substance before, during, and after application, which creates the expectation to any type of cosmetic formulation to have a unique texture.

<Average frictional coefficient (MIU) of Neocresce IPO>


Neocresce Products

No. Product Name Features Technical Information

Neocresce IPONEW

Neocresce is a liquid oligosaccharide fatty acid ester. Characterized by a rich texture and an ability to improve pigment dispersion, this product can be used in a wide variety of applications.
Viscosity (at 25 ℃): 1,700 mPa・s *1
Refractive index (at 20 ℃): 1.465 *1

— INCI Name —
Fructooligosaccharide Hexyldecanoate

— Chinese Name —
Not Listed

— CAS No. —
Not Listed

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*1:These are representative values. It is not the specification.



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